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Jardim Garcia de Orta

Local name: Jardim Garcia de Orta

The Garcia de Orta Garden is located within the Park of Nations. It is dedicated to plants from former Portuguese colonies, from Asia to South America. You can see here many interesting species of plants, such as dragon tree, pepper, frangipani or cotton. The garden also has a Music Garden with large instruments that emit loud sounds.

The Park of Nations was created in the destroyed areas of the former port. One of the gardens located here was dedicated to Garcia de Ortega, a Portuguese botanist, a precursor of tropical medicine. The patron was not chosen by accident. Tropical plants from former Portuguese colonies were planted in the garden.

The garden was divided into zones associated with individual geographical regions. You can see plants characteristic of São Tomé, Brazil, Micronesia or the Goa Island. For children, the main attraction of the garden are huge instruments, whose sound causes a lot of noise.


Attractions inside

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