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Fronteira Palace

Local name: Palácio Fronteira

The Marquis de Frontiera Palace is a baroque summer residence surrounded by a beautiful French-style garden. Its greatest treasure are preserved azulejos panels from the 17th century. They depict war scenes, portraits of rulers as well as floral and geometric ornaments.

The palace was built in the mid-seventeenth century as a hunting residence. Frontier's family moved to him after the 1755 earthquake. The palace remains in the hands of the same owners until today. It is open to visitors only for a few hours a day.

The facade of the palace consists of a central part and two wings protruding from the front of the building. Above the entrance there is a balcony and huge, semi-circular windows. In the halls you can watch wonderful mosaics made of azulejos tiles. The Battle Hall presents scenes from the Portuguese-Spanish war of the second half of the 17th century. They are a faithful reconstruction of the army system. In the Hall of Aristocracy, portraits of the Portuguese nobility were made in the same technique. The palace chapel is also lined with tiles and ceramics from broken dishes. Azulejos can also be seen on elements of small garden architecture, fountains, walls or benches.


Attractions inside

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