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Combatant's Museum - Bom Sucesso Fort

Local name: Museu do Combatente - Forte Do Bom Sucesso

The Veterans Museum is located next to the Belem Tower, in the Fort of Good Success. It is a military museum that presents the history and armament of the Portuguese army in the 20th century, its wars, including wars in the colonies.

The museum was founded in 1994, after Fort of Good Success ceased to perform military functions. There is an exhibition of weapons used by the Portuguese army, including combat vehicles, cannons and tanks. The museum also has a collection of about 500 exhibits, a collection of models of military aircraft equipped with the army of almost all countries in the world.

The Museum exhibition is modern. Many exhibits can be touched and familiarized with their operation. A special multimedia exhibition devoted to life in the trenches during World War I was also prepared, which helps to better understand the situation of soldiers.


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Forte do Bom Sucesso 1400-038 Lisbon , Portugal