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Church of Sao Paulo

Local name: Igreja de São Paulo

The church of Saint Paul is located on the square of the same name in the center of Lisbon. It is a baroque, two-tower temple with figures of saints Peter and Paul in the facade. The interior is decorated with carved stonework, and on the vaults you can see stucco decorations and classicistic paintings.

The church was built after a great earthquake from 1755 on the place of the 15th century temple. It is a baroque, one-nave building surrounded by eight side chapels. The facade is flanked by two square towers - belfries. It is crowned with a triangular tympanum. The entrances surround the portals with columns, and above them figures of saints Peter and Paul were placed in the niches.

The interior of the church is relatively modest. The white, stone walls are divided by Tuscan pilasters. The main altar is made of marble. In its central part there is the gilded, multi-story Throne of the Blessed Sacrament. Stucco decorations were placed on the vault, which surround the paintings with scenes from the life of Saint Paul.


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