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number 67 in the city

Grunwald Bridge

Local name: Most Grunwaldzki

The bridge connecting the center of the city with the district of beautiful parks and Wrocław's universities is an ideal place for a romantic stroll after dark when the lighting reveals its magic charm. The unique on a world scale construction with a width of 112,5 m is the most recognizable hallmark of Wrocław and an attractive tourist attraction.

The bridge consists of the two pylons resembling triumphal arches on top of which steel superstructures made of riveted plates, which overlap each other evenly making a wide ribbon, are installed. It's the only design of that type in the world. Hangers which support the main part of the bridge with a double-lane road, pavements, and tramway track are attached to the solid, steel ribbons.

At the end of the war, Grunwald Bridge was to be dismantled by Germans building runway by the Oder but the project was interrupted by the Soviet air force. There is an interesting story related to this construction of a crazy and brave pilot who flew under the short pylons in order to impress his girlfriend.


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