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Pharmacy Museum

Local name: Muzeum Zakładu Historii Farmacji

The Pharmacy Museum is a place, where you can see how such facilities worked and looked like over a hundred years ago. The museum consists of two exhibition halls: display-recipe hall and laboratory-storage hall, which present original equipment and pharmacy accessories from the second half of the 19th century.

The display-recipe hall is equipped with original pharmacy furniture, enabling the storage and sale of pharmaceutical preparations, including cabinets filled with original cans and drug flasks.

In the laboratory-storage room you can see a great collection of pharmacy scales, old prescriptions, labels stucked on medicines and other pharmacy documents, pharmacy presses, distillers, sieves, mortars and many other utensils. In June, an annual exhibition of poisonous plants, is organized in the museum.

The Pharmacy Museum of Lublin has been operating since 1984 and is a continuation of the activity of the institution known as the Historical Hall of Pharmacy in the Lublin land. Located far from the city center, it had not been popular, therfore it was moved to the center and reactivated in a new form.



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