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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Local name: Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka

Entered in UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is considered one of the most beautiful mines. The underground tourist tour leads through numerous chambers and passages. Interesting places that can be seen during sightseeing are the chapel of Saint Kinga, the Museum of Żupy Krakowskie, former excavations and salt sculptures.


The mine had been operating from the 13th century to 1966. Since that time, it's just a tourist attraction. Apart from tourist tours, the spa town is also located there. It uses a specific microclimate and a high concentration of salt in the air.



Tourists can choose between several routes. The Classic one leads through the chambers and passages and shows the history of extraction of salt in Wieliczka, underground lakes and excavations. The Górnicza route can make you feel like a miner and let you try the hard, underground work by yourself. Visitors who choose the Mysteries of the Wieliczka Mine can delve into usually not available for tourists areas. The last one, the God Bless route, is a special route dedicated to pilgrims.



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