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Museum of Jelenia Góra Energetics

Local name: Muzeum Energetyki Jeleniogórskiej

Located in the building of the old water power plant over 250 m2 it presents over 600 exhibits. At exhibitions, you can not only admire, but also touch devices used in the past by power engineers and electricity consumers.

The exhibits include historic power generators, energy meters and even a power generator from 1912. The museum also presents the uniforms of energy engineers, as well as books and magazines from the last century. The exhibits are meticulously restored and even the oldest ones from 1900, remain functional to the present. A big attraction is the still functioning flow-through hydroelectric power plant, which can be viewed from the observation deck. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions.

This small but extremely interesting facility has been operating since 1975, and the balcony from which you can admire the power plant was opened in 1995.


Attractions inside

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    Jeleniogórska 258-580 Szklarska Poręba , Poland