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Peat Bog Near Zieleniec Nature Reserve

Local name: Rezerwat przyrody Torfowisko pod Zieleńcem

The reserve with an area of 156.8 ha created in 1954 to protect and preserve the natural raised bog and one of the three dwarf birch sites in Poland. The green trail runs from the center of the reserve from Zieleniec to Polanica-Zdrój, on which a nature trail was created with information on local fauna and flora and the process of peat formation. Moving around the reserve is facilitated by wooden bridges - a lookout tower was built at the main causeway.

The 270 ha peat bog is located on the western slope of Bieśiec (760 m). The thickness of the peat layer is up to 8 m. The area is divided between two peat bowls - "Topielisko" and "Czarne Bagno". In the area there are sources of the Dzika Orlica. The water in the streams has a pronounced red color due to the high content of humic acids leached from peat. Despite the color and acidic pH (pH 3.8-4.0) it is suitable for drinking.

Already in 1919, the natural value of this area was appreciated - one of the first 85 hectares of nature reserves in Germany was created here. The appearance of the bog is compared to the landscape of the Arctic tundra. Similarly, the areas of today's Europe in the Ice Age, from which the bog itself originates - its age is estimated at about 7600 years.



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