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Pośny Waterfalls

Local name: Wodospady Pośny

A group of small waterfalls on the Pośna stream flowing through the area of the Table Mountain National Park. Two Pośna streams, flowing from Szczeliniec Wielki, join below the rocks called Rock Gates and form picturesque cascades in the gully. After building the water intake above the waterfalls, the stream practically disappeared - the waterfalls are formed only after heavy rainfall.

This place became popular already in the 19th century. Activists of the Kłodzko Mountain Society constructed special water damming dams, threw a bridge over a stream, built stone stairs and a fountain. A niche was carved in the rock block, into which one could throw donations to maintain the waterfall infrastructure. After 1945 the building was not renovated. Stairs and the piggy bank remain to this day.

The area of the waterfalls with an area of 3.89 ha (upper part of the Pośna stream valley) is strictly protected due to the sites of fertile Sudeten beech (high-stem beech stands) and monumental specimens of beech, mountain elm, sycamore and firs. It is one of the most valuable natural forest areas in the Table Mountains.



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