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Museum of Warmia and Mazury

Local name: Muzeum Warmii i Mazur

The Museum of Warmia and Mazury, housed in a historic Gothic castle, is the largest museum in the voivodeship. Visitors can see a huge number of exhibits on various topics from all over the region.

The collections gathered in the museum are related to various fields - including archeology, history, writing, numismatics and folk culture. The most valuable items kept in the museum are the 18th-century world atlas and the 16th-century medical incubal.

The castle housing the museum was erected in the 14th century and originally served as the Warmia Chapter. Among others, Nicolaus Copernicus lived there. One of the permanent exhibitions has been devoted to the figure of the famous astronomer. On the wall of the museum's cloister there is also an experimental board made by Nicolaus Copernicus.


Attractions inside

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    Zamkowa 210-074 Olsztyn , Poland