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Linden Avenue - historic villas

Local name: Aleja Lipowa - zabytkowe wille

Historic villas are a unique attraction of Nałęczów, and they can be found on several streets here, among which Aleja Lipowa deserves special attention.

Historic buildings located next to it, built in green, come from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Wooden houses on the foundation of Aleja Lipowa are located among the trees still reminding them of their spa origin from the period in which Nałęczów gained fame as an important spa resort.

The architecture of the houses at Lipowa features characteristic roofs and porches, arcaded balconies and decorated cornices reflecting the climate of this place more than a hundred years ago.

Among the historic villas located at Lipowa Avenue was Aniela, who today houses the National Center for the Apostolate of the Sobriety Movement named after St. Maksymiliana Kolbe, Doktorska, Zofijówka, Swiss-style villas: Mazowsze and Ustronie, belonging to the Secondary School of Fine Arts, Villa Raj, today housing the boarding school of this school and several other unusual buildings with interesting history.


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