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Ruins of the Muszyna Castle

Local name: Ruiny zamku w Muszynie

Ruins of the castle are the oldest and most important monument of Muszyna. They stand on a hill in the forks of Szczawnik and Muszynka. Only fragments of the walls have survived from the former castle of the Cracow bishops. They are currently being restored and are a good point of view for the surrounding area. You can walk to the castle in a walking path leading up to the hillside of the park.

The first defensive structure on the hill of Baszta stood in the eleventh century. It was a wooden-earthed place. In the days of Casimir the Great he gained stone walls and became an important point of fortification on the border with Hungary. The castle, together with Muszyna and its surroundings, belonged to the Bishops of Krakow for centuries. They had their extensive goods here called the Muszynski State. Muszyn Castle flourished in the fifteenth century. Over time, due to the development of military techniques, it lost its importance. Since the 17th century he fell into ruin.

Currently it is a tourist attraction of the spa. At the beginning of the 21st century the area was cleared. The existing walls and fragments of the tower were also protected. Thanks to the cut of the trees you can admire the views of Muszyna and the surrounding mountains. There was also a walking path with information boards.


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