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Garden of the Senses

Local name: Ogród Zmysłów

The Garden of the Senses is a park located in the Zapopradzie district of Muszyna, on the slope of a small hill. It has been designed to intensify the sensations of particular senses - taste, smell, hearing, touch or sight. It is adapted to the needs of physically disabled, blind or deaf people. It is precisely with them in mind that special plant compositions, enhancing action of various senses, have been prepared. In the Garden there is also a special “corner of lovers”, where couples can plant their own love trees.

The Sensory Garden is designed both as a place of rest and recreation as well as a therapeutic and educational space for disabled people. It has been divided into several zones. The health zone is a place where you can do light physical exercises. Next, there are garden zones that engage primarily the senses of hearing, smell and touch. The plants here have distinct leaves texture, are giving an intense aroma and can be tasted. A stream flows through the garden, the sound of which soothes the senses. There are also many singing birds living here.

At the top of the hill a small observation tower was built, from which one can admire the panorama of Muszyna.


Attractions inside

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