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Granary - Natural History Museum

Local name: Spichlerz - Muzeum Przyrodnicze

The Natural History Museum in Kazimierz Dolny presents permanent exhibitions showing the beauty of the surrounding nature, as well as exhibits in the fields of geology, paleontology, botany and zoology. The museum collection has over 12,000 exhibits, including species from the extinct prehistoric world from 65 million years ago, from loess gorges, from the central Vistula valley, as well as from the Kazimierski Landscape Park.

The Natural History Museum was created in 1982 as a branch of the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny, occupying the historic granary from the late 16th century. The building itself is also interesting, being the most well-known and characteristic granary among many such facilities located in different parts of the city. In the past, the granary belonged to the Ulanowski and Przybyłów families.

The facility organizes various temporary exhibitions on nature, prepares publications and conducts educational classes.



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Puławska 5424-120 Kazimierz Dolny, Poland