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Kamienna Góra funicular

Local name: Kolejka na Kamienną Górę

Ride by funicular to Kamienna Góra is the only attraction of this type in northern Poland. The land elevation of Kamienna Góra, located just above the sea, is topped with a cross visible from everywhere and an observation deck. One can admire from there wonderful panoramas of the Gdańsk Bay. The cable car transports 8 to 12 people at once, and using it is as easy as using an elevator. Within two minutes, car travels a distance of 96 meters and a level difference of 40 meters. The funicular runs all year long, is free, and adapted to the needs of disabled people.

The funicular to Kamienna Góra was launched in July 2015 as part of the JESSICA program implemented by the European Union. The investment project was developed by Arch-Deco. Both railway stations architecturally refer to Gdynia modernism, which is manifested by their simplicity, minimalism, and the use of noble materials.

The establishment of the funicular was accompanied by the revitalization of Grunwald Square and building of an underground car park.


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    plac Grunwaldzki 181-001 Gdynia , Poland