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Hellesyltfossen Waterfall

Local name: Hellesyltfossen

The Hellesytfossen Waterfall can be admired in the center of the small village of Hellesylt in the municipality of Møre og Romsdal, near Sunnylvsfjorden. The waterfall is located between two historic bridges from the beginning of the 20th century - Høge from 1907 and Hellesylt from 1902.

From Hellesylt, you can embark on a cruise along the most beautiful fjord in Norway, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List - Geirangerfjorden. Tourists going to the ferry always pass by Hellesytfossen. It is a tradition to take pictures on one of the bridges.

The village of Hellesylt is extremely beautifully located, but it is endangered by a very high danger - the towering Åkerneset above it may as a result of the processes going down to the Sunnylvs fjord, causing a tsunami wave. If this had happened, the town would have been completely destroyed.


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