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Kanli Kula Fortress

Local name: Tvrđava Kanli Kula

The Kanli kula fortress (Forte di terra) is a fortress erected by the Turks in the second phase of their rule in the city of Herceg Novi (1539–1687). In Turkish, Kanli, the ball means "blood tower". For many years there was a prison in it. You can still see drawings of prisoners here. Since the 1960s, the rebuilt fortress is open to the public, and its courtyard has been transformed into a summer amphitheater. Theater stylized medieval performances are often held here.

The fortress was built in the mid-sixteenth century. It is made of roughly hewn stone, and two gates lead into its interior. It rises on a hard limestone rock, 85 meters above sea level. In 1979, the fortress and theater stage were severely damaged by a strong earthquake, but they were rebuilt in 1988. Concerts, the famous music festival Songchae Scala and the annual Film Festival are held here.


Attractions inside

    Kanli Kula Fortress map
    Herceg Novi , Montenegro