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Mogren Fortress

Local name: Mogren Fortress

The fortress is located on the Mogren headland about one kilometer from the city of Budva. There is a beautiful view of the entire west coast from here. Unfortunately, nowadays these are actually only ruining ruins. As a result of several earthquakes, the building is in a deplorable condition.

Mogen Fortress was built in the early nineteenth century, in Austrian times. It was a strong military base to protect Budva against attacks from the west. During World War II, the fortress served as a weapon and ammunition storage. Only walls and remains of buildings have survived to this day.

You can get here in three ways. By car from Budva towards Tivat, on foot, also towards Tivat (the road from the center of Budva takes about 30 minutes), as well as the path leading up the cliff to Mogren beach. The latter road, however, is quite dangerous and heavily overgrown.


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