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Citadela Budva

Local name: Citadela Budva

The citadel located in the southern part of the Old Town forms part of the city walls. Today, it no longer serves war purposes - there is a city museum here, where you can admire, among others a collection of old photographs, maps and an exhibition of ship models, as well as an impressive library. The citadel is also an excellent vantage point, from which there is a beautiful view of the city and the Adriatic coast.

The beginnings of fortifications in this place date back to the fifth century BC and date from the time of Greek colonization. However, both the citadel and the defensive walls were destroyed and rebuilt many times. The current appearance of the building is the result of the reconstruction initiated by the Austrians during World War II.
The large terrace of the citadel serves as the main stage of the annual International Theater Festival. In the evenings, the monument is beautifully highlighted and is a great subject for photos.


Attractions inside

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