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Buskett Gardens

Buskett Gardens is a green area of several dozen hectares, located in the fertile Wied il-Luq valley. It is one of the few wooded areas in Malta that was originally a hunting area of the Knights of St. John. Currently, it is covered with conifers, orchards and thickets characteristic of the Mediterranean climate (garig, poppy), composed of shrubs and low drought-resistant trees.

Buskett Gardens is a popular picnic spot. Every year there is a great fiesta on the occasion of the holiday of Imnaria, i.e. the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul celebrated throughout the Catholic Church, which falls on June 29. The Maltese gather in the gardens the evening before the holiday to eat a stew of rabbit boiled in wine, listen to traditional music and party until dawn.

In the past, a significant part of Malta was covered by forests. They were cut out in the 16th and 17th centuries for timber for shipbuilding and for the cultivation area.


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