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Malatesta Temple

Local name: Tempio Malatestiano

13th-century church rebuilt in the 15th century into the mausoleum of the ruler of Rimini, Sigismond Pandolf Malatesta. Originally it was a Gothic temple belonging to the Franciscan monastery. In the mid-15th century, Malatesta hired the architect and sculptor Leon Battista Alberti to rebuild the church in the spirit of the Renaissance and make it his mausoleum.

The building has retained its elongated plan, but its interior and facade have gained a new look. The tomb of the ruler was placed right at the entrance. Further, individual chapels were dedicated to the saints worshiped in the Malatesta family. One of them contains a valuable crucifix by Giotto.


Attractions inside

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    Via IV Novembre 3547900 Rimini , Italy