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Mitchell Garden

Local name: Mitchell Garden

Mitchell Garden is a city park in Jerusalem, located opposite the Tower of David and the city walls. The garden was established in 1967, at the initiative of the Mitchell family, who wanted to open the first privately founded national park in Israel. Mitchell Garden is a tourist attraction and meeting place for residents. There are walking routes, a fountain and facilities for children.

The Mitchells worked with Mayor Teddy Kollek to expand the place. Today, Mitchell Garden has many cultural attractions and extends from the walls of the Old Town to the sultan's ponds, the neighborhood of Mamilla and the slopes below Yemin Moshe. The big advantage of the park remains the calm and friendly atmosphere.

The location of the Mitchell Garden park has meant that it has several viewpoints with a panoramic view of the old city. The green area is a quiet oasis for tourists who want to relax after an exhausting tour of Jerusalem's attractions.


Attractions inside

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