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Medieval Museum

The Medieval Museum in Waterford is the only such institution in Ireland. Its collections show the history and culture of Ireland, and in particular of Waterford County, during the Middle Ages. In the modern building and two gothic cellars you can see, among others, the only preserved cap of King Henry VIII, liturgical vestments from the 15th century embroidered with gold thread, liturgical vessels, jewelry and art collections.

The museum is located in the so-called Viking Quarter and is adjacent to other museums related to Irish history. Two old buildings, the 15th century Mayor's Wine Vault and the 13th century Choristers' Hall were connected by a modern stone building with a curved facade. It presents an extensive collection of the culture of medieval Ireland.

The museum shows, on the one hand, the exhibits collected over the years, and on the other, valuable premises belonging to the oldest in the city. Both in the new exhibition halls and in the stone cellars, medieval manuscripts and decorated books, jewelry and weapons are presented, including the sword of Edward IV, chests and other interior items, and valuable fabrics, including chasubles from before the Reformation period. They belong to only a few that have survived in Great Britain and Ireland.


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