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Parke's Castle

Local name: Caisleán Parke

The Castle of the Parks is located just outside Kilmore, Co. Leitrim. It is a 17th-century fortified manor with preserved relics of an earlier residential tower. The castle is open to the public, but its interior is devoid of equipment.

In the 16th century, a residential tower built by the O'Rourke family stood on the shores of Lake Gill. In 1628, the property was held by the English captain Robert Parke. He demolished the earlier building and built a fortified manor in its place. The buildings surround a rectangular courtyard where you can now see the foundations of the O'Rourke family castle.

At the end of the 20th century, the castle, falling into ruin, was renovated with public funds. The carved stone details adorning the windows and corners of the buildings were saved. Roofs were also repaired, windows and woodwork were inserted. The interiors, however, remained unfinished and lacking any furniture.


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