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Rock of Cashel

Local name: Carraig Phádraig

Rock of Cashel is a group of medieval sacral and defense buildings. The oldest and tallest building is a well-preserved round tower, 28 meters high and dating from around 100. There is also a richly decorated Cormac Chapel from the 12th century and a cathedral with Gothic windows and arches. You can also see the so-called The Cantors' Salon, with the original St. Patrick's Day. Its pedestal is traditionally considered the coronation stone of the kings of Munster.

Rock of Cashel is strongly associated with the figure of St. Patrick's Day. According to a local legend, the Rock of Cashel was founded when St. Patrick threw Satan out of the cave, and Satan landed in this place. Cashel is also considered the site of the King of Munster's conversion by St. Patrick's Day in the 5th century. According to another legend, it was here that the saint was to break the clover, on which he explained to the Irish the unity of the Holy Trinity and which became the symbol of Ireland.


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