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Lismore Castle Gardens

Lismore Castle Gardens are part of a private residence and estate in County Waterford. Unlike the castle itself, they are open to visitors. They consist of two parts, the upper geometric gardens and the lower English natural park.

The gardens surrounding the castle probably already existed in the 16th century. According to the local legend, Edmund Spencer was to write his poem The Queen of the Fortune-tellers in the local yew avenue. In the 17th century, geometric flower and shrub gardens were created in the upper part of the park. They are known for their large collection of magnolias, rhododendrons and camellia.

The lower part of the park was designed in the 19th century. These are natural meadows, groves and thickets with walking paths. There is also a small stream here. Throughout the park and gardens, you can see many interesting sculptures from different eras.


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