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Würzburg Residence

Local name: Würzburger Residenz

This episcopal palace is considered one of the most characteristic baroque buildings in Europe. It is famous for richly decorated interiors, among which can be mentioned the world's largest ceiling painting by Giovanni Tiepolo decorating the palace staircase. The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The residence has almost 400 rooms. Particularly characteristic are the staircase, the court church and the White Room representing the Rococo style, the Imperial Chamber, the Cabinet of Mirrors and the Venetian Room. The White Hall is famous for its white stucco decorations by Antonio Bossi, the Imperial Hall is rich in frescoes by Giovanni Tiepolo, and the Cabinet of Mirrors attracts because of the walls made of panes covered with paintings.

The palace is surrounded by baroque-style gardens. There are many carnages depicting characters from the mythology of Johann Peter Wagner.

Würzburg Residence map
Residenzplatz 297070 Würzburg , Germany