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Quimper is a traditional Breton town known for its faience production. There is a small old town here with several dozen half-timbered houses preserved.

The city is one of the oldest administrative centers in Breton. It is also known for cultivating local traditions, including the Breton language. There is the Breton Museum, which presents the history of the region, as well as its culture and ethnography.

The central building of the old town of Quimper is the Saint-Corentin cathedral. Built in the Breton Gothic style, it impresses with soaring forms and 15th-century stained glass windows. Right next to it is the Bishop's Palace with its imposing tower and decorated stairs leading to it. Historic tenement houses stand in narrow cobbled streets around the cathedral. A large part of them are half-timbered houses with facades characteristic of the region. Today, many of them house restaurants and shops.

Next to the old town is also the ancient Locmaria district, the center of which is centered around the Romanesque Church of Notre-Dame. In its interior, apart from the 15th-century statue of the Mother of God, the way of the cross made by potters draws attention. From the Middle Ages, Locmaria was a place where ceramics were made. Here is also one of Quimper's biggest attractions, the Henriot-Quimper faience factory. Currently, the historic, still operating manufacture can be visited, and in the vicinity there is also the Faience Museum.

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