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Luxembourg Palace

Local name: Palais du Luxembourg

Located inside: The Luxembourg Garden

The Luxembourg Palace is the seat of the French Senate. It is located in the center of Paris, in the Luxembourg Garden. It is a three-storey, late Renaissance building covered with sloping roofs with dormers. The surrounding garden with a pond is one of the favorite resting places for tourists and residents of Paris.

The palace was built in the first half of the 17th century on the orders of Maria Medycejska, wife of Henry IV. It was supposed to be modeled on the Pitti Palace in Florence, where Maria was raised. Ultimately, however, Italian influence was kept to a minimum. Typical of the mature French Renaissance building was created with high, sloping roofs. The central part of the body is flanked by two wings protruding from the front of the building. A low, flat dome rises above it.


Attractions inside

    Luxembourg Palace map
    Rue de Vaugirard 1575291 Paris , France