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The Aquarium of Paris

Local name: L'Aquarium de Paris

The Paris Oceanarium is located in the Trocadero Park, near the Eiffel Tower. There are 43 reservoirs in which sea conditions from various climatic zones of the world have been recreated. About 10,000 fish and other sea animals swim in them.

The first aquariums were built in an artificial cave on Trocadero Square in the mid-nineteenth century. It operated until 1985, when it was closed due to the poor technical condition of the building. The current oceanarium was opened after a long renovation in 2005.

In the Aquarium you can see fish from around the world. The reservoirs, in which conditions and temperature specific to various climatic zones have been reproduced, show the flora and fauna of the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Coral Reef, Caledonia, the Caribbean and Guyana Rivers. The fish inhabiting these seas float here. Many of them are beautifully colored.


Attractions inside

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    Avenue Albert de Mun 575016 Paris , France