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Dalí Paris

Local name: Dalí Paris

Espace Dalí is a monographic exhibition dedicated to the work of Salvatore Dalí. It is located in the Montmartre district. You can see here about 300 works of the artist, including paintings, sculptures, everyday objects and films made by him.

Salvatore Dalí was born in Catalonia, with which he was associated all his life. However, in 1921 he came to Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso. He lived here for several years. He also met here his later wife, a Russian immigrant Helena Diakonova. Dali collaborated with French artists and designers. He created, among others, clothes and jewelry designs for Coco Chanel.

The exhibition dedicated to Dali's work shows a cross-section of his works. There are both sculptures and paintings, as well as everyday objects, such as the famous sofa in the shape of the mouth. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions, where it shows both the artist's works imported from other institutions in the world, as well as the works of artists inspired by or referring to Dalí.


Attractions inside

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    Rue Poulbot 1175018 Paris , France