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Bridge of Arts

Local name: Pont des Arts

The Artists' Bridge is a walking crossing connecting the Louvre with the Institut de France. It is an iron, seven-span structure with balustrades made of plastic panels. It was built in 1984 to replace the previous bridge.

The first bridge was built at the order of Napoleon Bonaparte. It was the first iron crossing in Paris. Unfortunately, in 1977 it collapsed after being damaged several times by flowing barges and as a result of badly repaired war damage. Jacques Chirac opened a new bridge, modeled on its predecessor.

The Artists' Bridge is a place of art exhibitions and artistic plein-airs. Until 2015, he was also considered the Parisian "bridge of lovers". Lovers hung padlocks with names on metal railings, and threw keys into the Seine. Due to the load in 2014, part of the bridge fell off. In 2015, the padlocks were disassembled and the metal barriers were replaced with plastic panels on which it is impossible to hang decorations.


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    Pont des Arts 75006 Paris , France