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Bourdelle Museum of Paris

Local name: Musée Bourdelle de Paris

The Antoine Bourdelle Museum is housed in his Paris studio. The artist's sculptures, sketches and drawings, as well as his personal objects, correspondence and art collection, including works by van Gogh and Rodin, were collected here.

Antoine Bourdelle lived at the turn of the century. His work was very diverse. One could see in it both classical influences and references to impressionism and expressionism. Bourdelle is the creator of, among others, the statue of Adam Mickiewicz in Paris.

In 1949, the artist's studio was opened to the public. First of all, his works are grouped by time of creation. Some of them were placed in the garden adjacent to the building. You can admire them both by walking around it and from the observation deck allowing you to cover the whole area. In addition to Bourdelle's works, in the museum you can see his studio equipment, letters, sketches for sculptures and personal items. On the walls there are paintings from his own art collection covering the works of outstanding artists of the turn of the century.


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