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National Center of Stage Costume

Local name: Centre national du costume de scène

The National Center for Scenography and Stage Costumes was established in 2006 to save from destruction and familiarize the public with decorations and costumes used in theaters, operas and ballets of the Comédie-Française and the Paris Opera. The museum has no permanent exhibition. Temporary exhibitions changed about once a year are presented.

The center is located in the eighteenth century cavalry barracks rebuilt from the destruction of World War II. His collections are unique in the world. There is, among others, a collection of stage clothes by Rudolf Nureyev, considered one of the greatest dancers and choreographers in the world. There are also costumes used in the past and today on the stages of the most important French theaters. Some of them, like the Paris Opera, send costumes to the Center after the last presentation of a given work.

The Center organizes temporary exhibitions during which it presents fragments of its very rich collections. These are exhibitions dedicated to specific topics or performances or focusing on the person of a choreographer, costume designer or director. Cross-sectional exhibitions showing changes that have taken place in stage design and costume design over the past 200 years are also presented.


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