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Museum Familistère of Guise

Local name: Musée Le Familistère de Guise

The Familister is a multi-family workers house designed by Jean-Baptiste Godin, which was to implement utopian visions of socialism and a common workers' living space. Currently, it is still partly inhabited and partly open to the public.

Jean-Baptiste Godin was a French industrialist, owner of a furnace and boiler factory. Throughout his adult life he was fascinated by the ideas of socialism, including his utopian current. He tried to introduce his ideas in his factory. They took the form of specific social experiments. One of them was the construction of a self-sufficient house - a workers' estate, which he called Familister.

It is a four-storey building consisting of three quadrilateral parts, each of which has an internal, glass-covered courtyard. They connect with the corners. The corner rooms have common spaces designed for rest and children's play areas. There was a kindergarten, school, shops, laundry, bathhouse, library and theater in the building. Around 400 families lived in it during its greatest popularity.


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