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Natural Reserve of Bouches de Bonifacio

Local name: Réserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio

The nature reserve was established in 1999 in Corsica, and its purpose is to protect the coastal and maritime heritage of the Bouches de Bonifacio Strait combining Alpine and African influences. In the area of the reserve, you can admire the rich flora and fauna of, among others, granite rocks, limestone cliffs, wetlands, sea caves, sand dunes, lagoons and a coral reef. For visitors, there are also marked tourist routes and the possibility of a boat trip.

There are also, among others, in the reserve Ventigune pond, Bonifacio cliffs, Cape Pertusato and the Tre Padule nature reserve in Suartone, which protects the flora and fauna of the three marshy lakes, which include, among others endemic species.

The reserve covers an area of over 790 km2 and is the largest French nature reserve.


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