RAUMA tourist attractions

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Rauma is a town on the Gulf of Bothnia and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Finland. In its old quarter there is a complex of wooden buildings with about 600 buildings, mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries. It was entered on the UNESCO list.

The city was founded in the mid-15th century around the Franciscan monastery. It is one of the oldest in Findland. From its beginnings, it has been associated with the sea, as reminded by the Maritime Museum. In the 17th century, Rauma was destroyed by a fire, but its buildings were reconstructed. At that time, the part that is now called the historic district of Rauma was created. It is a complex of wooden buildings, houses with colorful facades, decorated with wooden decorations. The narrow cobbled streets, handicraft shops, cafes and craft workshops give it the impression of being transferred back in time. The main attraction of Rauma, the historic district, is on the UNESCO list, as is the Bronze Age Graveyard in Sammallahdenmäki, located near the city.

The stone Church of the Holy Cross and numerous museums are also located within the popular district of Rauma. The most important are the Rauma Museum, the Art Museum, the Kirsti Museum, the Marela Museum and the Lönnström Art Museum.

The local craftsmanship traditions are a big attraction of Rauma. Lace-making is the most famous craft, and Lace Week is held in the city every year. A lace factory is also open to the public.