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Museum of Central Finland

Local name: Keski-Suomen museo

The Central Finland Museum in Jyväskylä is dedicated to culture, history and ethnography. It is housed in a building built in 1960 according to the design of the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. In the years 2017-2020 it was thoroughly rebuilt and modernized. In addition to traditional exhibitions, there are over 80 digital information displays and numerous interactive exhibits.

The permanent exhibition of the Central Finland Museum includes, among others exhibitions showing the changing local landscape over the centuries and a film about the history of Jyväskylä since the city was founded. Children can also learn about old games and activities.

The first and fourth floors have regularly changing thematic temporary exhibitions, and the second floor houses Puuhatila Nappula, which, in addition to exhibitions, hosts various workshops and activities.


Attractions inside

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    Alvar Aallon katu 740600 Jyväskylä , Finland