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Estonia is a Baltic country that primarily attracts lovers of wildlife. Forests, wetlands and meadows cover a large part of it, and canoeing can be practiced on the rivers. The capital most visited by tourists is Tallinn.

Tallinn, located on the Baltic Sea, is one of the former Hanseatic cities. It developed primarily in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The Old Town, consisting of the upper and lower parts, is surrounded by walls. The buildings look very much like the cities of northern Germany, and there are many restaurants, cafes and wine bars in the arcades of houses.

Little Estonia has relatively few monuments. The most important ones outside the capital include the local castles. The most famous are the Herman castle in Narva, Kurassaare castle and Paide castle.

However, Estonia's true wealth is its nature. Matsalu National Park is a paradise for ornithologists, Soomaa National Park is a land of swamps, dunes and rivers, which is best known from a kayak. In turn, in Vilsandi National Park you can meet seals and wild orchids, while in Lahemaa Park the attraction is the coast full of bays.

The natural and landscape curiosity of Estonia is the island of Saaremaa, where you can see several craters formed from the impact of meteorites. The largest of them, Kaali Craters, have a diameter of about 100 m.

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