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Beach Park

Local name: Rannapark

Pärnu is the most famous Estonian holiday resort, as well as a port city and one of the cultural centers with several major international festivals. Its buildings have been shaped for centuries and you can still see colorful historic houses, former defensive walls or churches.

The city was founded in the 13th century on the Gulf of Riga at the mouth of the Parnu River into the sea. It belonged to the Livonia province and the Swords Knights ruled here for a long time. At its peak, the city belonged to the Hanza and was one of the most important shopping centers in this part of the Baltic Sea.

In the 19th century, Pärnu began to develop as a seaside resort and health resort based on peat deposits found in these regions. Today, it boasts a several-kilometer-long sandy and well-developed beach, as well as dozens of sanatoriums and holiday homes.

The narrow streets of Pärnu with colorful houses and numerous bars, cafes and restaurants invite you to go for walks. During them you can see fragments of the Gothic city walls, eighteenth-century churches and the Baroque town hall building standing on the market square.

Numerous cultural events take place throughout the year in Pärnu. The most important of them include the Hanseatic Days with a huge handicraft market, the Organ Festival and the International Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival.


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