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Tallinn is the capital and the largest tourist attraction of Estonia. Founded in the Middle Ages by Danish settlers, the city boasts a UNESCO-listed town surrounded by defensive walls with an old town with colorful tenement houses, Gothic churches and a huge market square.

Until 1918, the city was called Rewal or Rewel and was one of the main shopping centers on the eastern coast of the Baltic. It developed in the Middle Ages and belonged to the Hanza at that time. Various trade and craft associations operated in the city. house of the Blackheads.

The Old Town of Tallinn consists of a walled lower part and a former castle on a hill. The lower part is primarily a huge market square with the town hall and charming tenements with decorative facades, as well as numerous churches built into the buildings.

Around the buildings there are preserved in very good condition city walls with a passage of St. Catherine and numerous towers, including the so-called Fat Tower, which stands towards the port, next to which there is a gate. The Old Town is teeming with life from early morning until late evening. Many tenement houses now have restaurants and bars, some of which are stylized as medieval times.

The upper part of the city is a former castle, whose central construction is the church of St. Alexander Nevsky. Toompea Hill, as this part of the city is officially called, is a great vantage point for the districts below, the cathedral with a soaring tower and a busy port from which, among others Ferries to Helsinki.

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