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Viking Ship Museum

Local name: Vikingeskibsmuseet

The museum is devoted to boatbuilding and sailing from antiquity and the Middle Ages, especially the Viking Age. Its central point is the five original boats sunk and recovered from the bottom of the bay. The exhibitions cover the boat building process, sailing traditions and Viking customs. At the beginning of the visit, it is worth watching a movie explaining the history and culture of the Vikings.

In addition to traditional sightseeing, you can assume the role of characters from the era and dress up in traditional costumes. This applies to both adults and children. You can also take part in archery lessons and workshops where wooden targets or decorations are made. Depending on the number of volunteers, it is also possible to take a cruise around the bay in a replica of a traditional Viking ship.


Attractions inside

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    Vindeboder 124000 Roskilde , Denmark