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Malenovice Castle

Local name: Hrad Malenovice

Malenovice Castle stands on a hill above the city of Zlin. It is a Gothic building transformed in the 16th century into a Renaissance noble residence. It is now a branch of the Museum of Southeast Moravia. Interiors with 18th and 19th century décor, a collection of weapons and an exhibition devoted to handicrafts were made available for tourists. From the castle tower you can enjoy views of the countryside.

The castle was built in the second half of the fourteenth century. His story is mainly associated with the Liechtenstein and Sternberg family. They lived in the castle until 1945. Then it passed into the hands of the state and in the fifties it was given to the museum.

Renovation works have been underway at the castle for several years. The facility is shared, but its individual parts are gradually closed. We have already managed to renovate the Gothic castle chapel, in which fragments of old frescoes, part of the exhibition rooms and the observation tower have been preserved. A new exhibition was opened in the guardhouse showing folk processing and handicrafts. You can see tools for the production of fabrics, baskets, mats and footwear as well as finished products. Some of the furniture from the 19th century has survived in the castle. You can see, among others, a furnished living room and the owner's office.


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