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Žižkovo náměstí

Local name: Žižkovo Náměstí

Žižkovo náměstí, or Taborska market, named after the Czech national hero Jan Žižky, is located in the historical center of the city. Around it there are Renaissance tenements and examples of Gothic architecture: a 16th-century town hall with the seat of the Hussite Museum, the Szkochów House (Škochův dům) with a historic gable, the late Gothic Ctibor House (Ctiborův dům) and a church with an 84-meter tower towering over the building. In the center of the square stands the Žižky monument.

An exhibition showing the history and main assumptions of the Hussite movement has been prepared at the Hussite Museum. You can also visit the undergrounds that once served as a shelter. The church of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor contains beautiful examples of ancient sacred art - a Rococo pulpit and a neo-Gothic altar from the 19th century.

The name of the radical branch of Hussitism - taborites - comes from the city of Tábor. Jan Žižka stood at their head. The camps proclaimed the property and work community. After the outbreak of the Hussite revolution, they introduced women's equality.


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