number 3 in the city

Green Gate

Local name: Zelená brána

The Green Gate is the most important symbol of Pardubice next to the castle. It is the only remnant of former city fortifications. It is 62 meters high and the observation deck is on the top floor. The Gate presents an exhibition for children, which shows the history of Pardubice in an accessible way.

The Green Gate was built in the Middle Ages. It was destroyed and rebuilt many times. It took its name from the greenish patina that covers its copper finial. It was founded after the destruction of the Thirty Years' War in the mid-seventeenth century.

One of the most popular entrances to the Old Town leads through the Green Gate. Inside there are museum rooms. The exhibition, recently rebuilt, is primarily targeted at the youngest. Through multimedia and figures of various characters, it shows the legend of the creation of the Pardubic coat of arms, the history of the city and believes. Moving figures, changing light and sounds coming from loudspeakers make you feel like you have been moved here centuries into the history.


Attractions inside

    Green Gate map
    Zelenobranská 530 02 Pardubice , Czechia