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Gallery of Fine Arts

Local name: Galerie výtvarného umění

The Nachod Art Gallery specializes in Czech painting of the 19th and 20th centuries. His collection includes works belonging to all the more significant painting trends of this period. Her second specialization is Russian painting from the turn of the century.

The gallery operates in the former castle riding school and riding school, which was adapted in the 1980s for exhibition purposes. Her permanent exhibition consists of two parts. The first presents changing trends in Czech art over the last two hundred years. The works of realists, symbolists, cubists and representatives of the Czech Art Nouveau were presented here. The second part includes over 250 works of Russian artists from the turn of the century. It is the third largest collection of Russian paintings in the Czech Republic. The works presented here were painted primarily by artists associated with the Czech Republic who came here, among others, to spas. The gallery also organizes temporary exhibitions, workshops and meetings with people of culture.


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