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Fortress Josefov - Bastion I and Underground

Local name: Pevnost Josefov - Bastion I a podzemí

Josefov Fortress was built during the time of Emperor Joseph II. It is one of the best preserved military complexes in the Czech Republic. Currently, an underground tourist route is available in its bastions. It allows passage through low corridors in which the only lighting is kept in the hands of candles with candles.

The fortress in Jaromerz was built at the end of the 18th century. In addition to the outer part, it also had about 45 kilometers of underground tunnels, which made it the largest such system in Europe at the time. Currently, a route over a kilometer long is open to the public.

It leads through underground corridors and casemates of the fortress. The corridors are low, in the highest places they do not exceed 175 cm in height. The route is overcome with a guide, and each visitor receives a lamp with a candle. For a better understanding of how the fortress service looked like, part of the route is overcome in complete darkness. Soldiers were not allowed to use lamps because of the gunpowder collected in the underground. Orientation in the maze was provided by marks scratched on the walls. Today, guides conduct a test in walking in the dark only on a small section of the route.


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