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Observatory and Planetarium

Local name: Hvězdárna a planetárium

The Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Brno is located in Kravy Hora Park. It is a modern research and educational institution. It has a dome with several telescopes, a planetarium where sky shows are displayed, an exploration system with a solar system model and Digitarium - a room in which three-dimensional films about life on Earth are shown.

The planetarium is a science center and at the same time a working research facility. Her mission is on the one hand to observe the sky and stars, and on the other to promote knowledge of space and Earth. The object is divided into several sections that are associated with various aspects of the functioning of the universe.

There is a planetarium in the dome. This is where the sky shows take place. They can be deepened using night telescopic observations. An exhibition illustrating the structure of the solar system and the movement of planets and other celestial bodies has been prepared at the Exloratorium. Digitarium, in turn, talks about life on Earth. The three-dimensional films displayed here relate to organisms living in different environments. The planetarium also has an observation deck from which there is a nice view of Brno.


Attractions inside

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    Kraví hora 522/2616 00 Brno , Czechia