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Cathedral of St. John

Local name: Καθεδρικός Αγίου Ιωάννη

Saint council John the Theologian's Nicosia is the cathedral and the most important temple of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, where the archbishops of Cyprus are enthroned. The building represents the Franco-Byzantine architectural style. Inside, you can admire, among others, a beautiful gilded iconostasis with icons by Ioannis Kornaros.

The temple has one nave. Despite the relatively small size, the temple makes a big impression with intricate decorations. The walls and ceiling are entirely covered with frescoes, depicting, among others, the scenes of the last judgment and the creation of the world. The relatively spartan exterior of the building contrasts with the richly decorated interior.

In the place where currently the Cathedral of St. John, there was a monastery and a chapel in the 14th century. The cathedral was founded in the 18th century on the initiative of Archbishop Sylvester, who transformed the monastery into a cathedral. Equipment and decorations inside the building come from this period.


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